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Stage 6 Programs

Due to Covid 19 our Stage 6 Programs are currently on hold. 

We hope to be able to deliver programs in Semester 2 using online learning and composite delivery modes. 

Please contact us if you have a particular request relating to Agriculture and STEM related programs for your school:

Update on an exciting new program.

pearl website

Making rainbows from the storm.. whilst we are missing students on the campus engaging with our programs, we are using our time to expedite some projects with our industry partners. One very exciting project we are currently finalising is our partnered learning programs with Broken Bay Pearls and Pearls of Australia. The project consists of interactive programs and excursion/fieldwork opportunities that we hope to be able to launch Semester 2. Our programs are transdisciplinary and will suit Stages 4-6 in TAS, Aquaculture, Sciences, Agriculture and Geography. Here is a sneak peak of our website currently under development to support our programs. (May 5th 2020)

New transdiciplinary online resource on protected cropping currently in development.

google earth map

We are currently testing an online cross curricula unit of work focussed on protected cropping and look forward to sharing this with schools in the near future. The unit will cover ionformation aligned to Stages 5 and 6 agriculture, sciences, geography and technology based courses. 

The work is a fully integrated learning unit focussed on protected cropping and the role of scientific research in the future development of the horticultural industry in Australia. Each icon is a discrete learning component, fully resourced with embedded and linked videos, source materials and learning tasks.  Each icon contains an estimated completion time. Collectively they represent up to 20 hours of learning. 

A quick visual of the unit delivery mode is included here. 


Information about how schools can access this resource will be published once testing is completed. 

(May 2020)